Multi-task, Multilingual, Multi-modal Language Generation
COST Action CA18231
COST European Cooperation in Science & Technology / Funded by the European Union

Capacity Building

  • Strengthen the European research on theory, methodology and real-world technology in language generation, particularly in the four Multi3Generation focus research themes
  • Facilitate international collaboration, networking and interdisciplinary community fostering joint activities
  • Drive scientific progress by liaising extensively with industry and end-users, and by increasing joint collaboration and knowledge transfer by the end of the Action

Venice Meeting, September 2022

19 September 2022 Meeting Title: Venice Meeting Meeting Type: MC Meeting/WG Meeting Meeting Dates: 19 September 2022 Meeting Venue: hybrid (in-person at Ca' Foscari University...
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Lisbon Meeting, October 2021

Meeting Title: Lisbon MeetingMeeting Type: MC Meeting/WG MeetingMeeting Dates: Wednesday, 06, October 2021, Thursday, 07, October, and Friday, 08, October 2021 Meeting Venue: hybrid (in-person at Instituto Superior Técnico...
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Core Group Hybrid Meeting, September 2021

Meeting Title: Core groupMeeting Type: Core Group MeetingMeeting Dates: Thursday, 16, September 2021 and Friday, 17, September 2021Meeting Venue: hybrid (in-person at the University of Alicante and online via...
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Virtual Mobility Grant at INESC-ID to Support the implementation of research coordination for Multi-task, Multilingual, and Multimodal Language Generation

The results of the VM contributed to a paper on OpenLogos [1] submitted to Open Research Europe, as a contribution to the Multi3Generation collection “Advances …

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