Research Coordination

  • Foster knowledge exchange by sharing of resources including semantic annotation guidelines,
    benchmarking corpora, machine learning and alignment tools.
  • Create multimodal and multilingual benchmarks for NLG involves experimenting with automatic mapping
    between existing resources, crawling of Web data, definition of annotation guidelines and launching of
    crowdsourcing campaigns for bigger datasets (also as games-with-a-purpose).
  • Facilitate interactions, collaborations, knowledge building and dissemination between Action participants
    via online tools, as website, blogs, downloadable publications.
  • Promote the generation of novel ideas and introduce the new joint Multi3Generation discipline to other
  • Provide opportunities for joint research projects by Action members on multi-task, multilingual and multimodal
    processing during exchange visits of Early Career Investigator, and other activities that encourage
    young researchers to establish links with industry and more senior academics.
  • Disseminate the results of the Action through conferences, scientific and industrial gatherings, which will
    have substantial impact in the participating countries and beyond.
  • Create synergies between participants via joint publications in books, journals and conferences; reports
    from working group meetings and training materials from training schools.

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