Iván Martinez-Murillo

Iván Martinez-Murillo

Multi3Generation has played great importance in advancing my PhD thesis research in the field of natural language generation. Their unwavering support has afforded me remarkable opportunities, including participation in several significant events:

  1. EAMT 2023 Workshop: This workshop provided me with the opportunity to present my research line and a platform for networking.
  2. Training School on Representation Mediated Multimodality: An enriching experience that provided a platform for networking and knowledge exchange.
  3. Short-Term Scientific Mission (STSM) with Professor Albert Gatt: A valuable collaboration that broadened my perspectives and exposed me to diverse ideas.

Multi3Generation has not only shaped my research direction but also empowered me to tackle complex challenges and explore innovative solutions.

I express my gratitude for the support and encouragement provided by Multi3Generation. Their contributions have played a pivotal role in the achievements and influence of my research.

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