• Training School – Representation  Mediated  Multimodality
    Grounded Representation, Reasoning, and Learning for Interactive Interpretation ABOUT THE TRAINING SCHOOL The training school on “Representation Mediated Multimodality” provides a consolidated perspective on the theoretical, methodological, and applied understanding of representation mediated multimodal sensemaking at the interface of language, knowledge representation and reasoning, and visuo-auditory computing. Intended purposes -addressed in the school- encompass diverse …
  • Participation in ELRC 2022
    The Multi3Generation Action Chair, Anabela Barreiro, presented an overview of the COST Action 18231 at the 6th conference of the European Language Resource Coordination on March 31st, 2022. The talk focused on “Current Contributions and Future Perspectives” of Multi3Generation. The conference program can be seen at:
  • Spanish event on “NPL in international projects”
    The DiverTLes community: Diversity in Language Technologies in Spain, an initiative within the framework of the PLNnet thematic network of excellence, is pleased to present the event “NLP in international projects” that will be held virtually on January 18 at 5.30 pm . On this occasion we will have 3 speakers (Zoraida Calleja, Elena González …
  • Contract with the European Commission for Grant Period 3 has been signed on November 25th 2021
    The main goal of Multi3Generation is to foster an interdisciplinary network of research groups working on different aspects of language generation (LG), in particular the Action focuses on 4 themes: grounded multimodal reasoning and LG; efficient machine learning algorithms, methods, and applications to LG; dialogue, interaction and conversational LG applications; and exploiting large knowledge bases …
  • They talk about us
    Post was published in the newsfeed of the Mykolas Romeris University, Faculty of Human and Social Studies Facebook webpage.

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