Semaine de formation intensive NooJ

Semaine de formation intensive NooJ

Organized by Max Silberztein, Université de Franche-Comté
Auditorium Dumézil
INALCO, 2 rue de Lille, 75007 Paris
Dates: 8-12 january 2024 

Anabela Barreiro was invited to participate in the NooJ Masterclass that took place from January 8th to January 12th at the INALCO Institute (Paris), which program can be seen on the Web page:

The grant served to facilitate and support the communication of research findings and progress emerging from the Multi3Generation COST Action. Specifically, it played a pivotal role in fostering knowledge exchange and raising awareness about the importance of enhancing data quality and refining tools in Natural Language Generation (NLG) development of linguistic resources for tasks related to generation. Within this context, Anabela’s grant was instrumental in showcasing the value of paraphrasing resources through the use of an existing tool, eSPERTo. Her presentation titled “eSPERTo: an automatic paraphraser for Portuguese” demonstrated how paraphrase generation can prove highly beneficial in various applications, including summarization, question-answering, and language learning, among others. The aim was to exemplify the advantages of paraphrase generation and underscore the maturity and readiness of the paraphrasing system. Her talk emphasized the potential for the system to expand and benefit society at large, contingent upon increased resource availability for multiple languages. As part of the dissemination program, Anabela’s mission contributed to pave the way for a COST Innovators Grant, establishing a foundation for further initiatives and innovations within the Multi3Generation framework.

Paper abstract submitted to NooJ Internacional Conference 2024 (

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