Expression of solidarity with Turkey and Syria Earthquake Victims

Expression of solidarity with Turkey and Syria Earthquake Victims

The research and academic community of the Multi3Generation COST Action (CA18231) expresses its deepest condolences and sympathy to the Turkish and Syrian populations affected by the devastating 7,8-magnitude earthquakes that hit these two countries, taking thousands of lives and leaving behind a catastrophic scenario.

Our COST Action has a very important and committed group of Turkish members who have been giving the network their best efforts and contributions. We are heartbroken upon the difficult times ahead in their country with the huge loss of life, many still missing, and the destruction of infrastructures, such as housing, transportation, and energy supply systems.

We cannot be indifferent to this tragedy and are conveying efforts within our different countries with calls for international humanitarian aid. It is the time to prioritise what is really important in our lives, the connections that we created as individuals with common research interests, but mostly to play the role that any researcher desires: gather together for a common human interest, to cause impact in society. In these trying times, our common human interest is to help those who are suffering.

In the spirit of service to the community that characterizes our profession, we would like to call to your generosity towards those in need by reaching the appropriate channels of trustful organizations to provide with their contribution. We are stronger when we can fulfill the greatest purpose on Earth: “togetherness”.

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