Spanish event on “NPL in international projects”

Spanish event on “NPL in international projects”

The DiverTLes community: Diversity in Language Technologies in Spain, an initiative within the framework of the PLNnet thematic network of excellence, is pleased to present the event “NLP in international projects” that will be held virtually on January 18 at 5.30 pm . On this occasion we will have 3 speakers (Zoraida Calleja, Elena Gonz├ílez and Elena Lloret) who are currently involved in interesting international projects in which language technologies play an important role. The speakers will present their projects to us and we will be able to comment on different aspects. On this occasion, the table will be moderated by Encarna Segarra, professor and researcher at NLP at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Each of the speakers will present their work for 5-7 minutes and then establish a debate among the attendees who will be able to raise questions, doubts or insights. The estimated time for the entire event will be one hour in total.

To attend the free event, you need to register through this FORM, and you will receive directly the connection data to the round table through Google Meet.

The event will be help in Spanish language.

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